There was a major glitch in my credits which cannot be rectified in the time needed before my defense date this spring, so I have to wait until fall. Which sucks. My advisor and the head of my department tried to appeal for me, but it just couldn't be done. I understand the university's point of view and it makes sense. I'm just so, so bummed.

It's not like I had a professorship lined up or anything, I just really wanted to be done and I was right there, and now I have to wait. And I have to notify the members of my committee. And all the people who knew I was set to defend this semester. I spent part of the afternoon/evening in tears and now I have a huge headache. Everyone has been so nice about it - my advisor, the graduate studies office guy, the people I've told, my sister (who had to talk me down a couple of times when I started to get upset), my husband, mom, in-laws, everyone. I'm just really bummed. I was so close to finishing.

Welp. No dissertation defense this spring. :(