I was going to bake brownies with salted macadamia nuts (and maybe some lemon zest for a sutble zing!) for the Burns' night social dance tomorrow at my local Scottish country dance club (oh.. I just realised.. there will be kilts involved....... feeling slightly better already).

But now I'm quite fed up with my UTI, PMS (at least I tink it's PMS, I never know these days), face braking out, constipation (I would rather write this post sitting on the toilet, frankly). My face is all heated but I don't feel like a fever.. so I guess it's PMS. Craving carbs (broke down and had some of my mother's awful cooking because carbs).


I was just so good at relaxicating, having fun-times AND getting some stuff done during the weekend that I feel like a failure now having not created brownies.

Friday night included:

getting sushi. I just ordered a 'bunch of things on a platter for two people' because we were two people. It arrived. It was HUUGE. It was awesome.

seeing 'the wolf of wall street'. I laughed, I yelled, fun times.


at some point got my shit together and went shoe shopping (I don't like shopping, shoes or otherwise, so this was a chore I had to kick myself in the ass for). I got Steve Madden shoes. before late Friday night I didn't even know about Steve Madden shoes. but there they were at the store, only things looking good enough to buy. Wore them today to work. Sure they look cute but they're still too tight. I guess I have to resign myself to never getting decent shoes in this country.


later in the evening: hookah bar (aww yiss!), moroccan restaurant (food, glorious food!) or was it the other way around.. both places with kick-ass moroccan mint tea. then clubbing all over the place. most Luxembourgish bars have that god-awful Shweppes Indian tonic. WHYYY? the gins seem to be nice, some places have even a wide selection of gins but still that awful aspartamy tonic. one place had another thing tho. we left before I got to finish my glass. assholes.

lastly we ended up in the high ceilinged cellar disco place. my companion got shit faced, I hit my head on a thing (stil feel the bump). when we left he was picking a fight with another patron. then he was being dramatic and drunk and unreasonable with me. so I ditched him. now I'm avoiding his calls and texts.


laundry and stuff. locked the door, tried out some new *toys* I had gotten myself. relaxicating.

Now (Monday night): back pain, stuffing sweet coconutty pastries in my mouth, heated face, Storm of Swords is looking mighty tempting. guess the brownies will not make an appearance alongside the haggis tomorrow.