Sorry for doubling up on posts in such short order this morning, but this has been going back and forth on my inbox and now I need some advice.

The Daily Mail picked up on my story for xojane and now wants to interview me for a piece for their site. I have major reservations, considering what I've heard about/seen there, but obviously, the idea of the story going farther is appealing (especially as I can continue to use that leverage on grad schools).

Quick and dirty - worth doing the interview with a Daily Mail reporter (they would link back to my original articles) or no, run away?


UPDATE: Thank you so much for your quick responses! This is what I ended up finally saying to them:

After taking some time to review previous articles that you've posted regarding gastric bypass and weight issues, I am not interested in working with the Daily Mail.

Thank you for your consideration.

Major, major thanks to Jane for finding those previous articles for me!