Good news, Groupthinkers! Revenge One and Revenge Two start today!

Husband is golfing with his buddies today. Two of the foursome are former army rangers, they will be vaguementioning “something ominous” on the horizon, but won’t be able to elaborate due to a lack of information. That should get husband good and worried. That’s Revenge One set in motion.


Revenge Two involves my nephew’s unused Xbox 360, a unit that’s identical to husband’s 360.

For the low price of 20 bucks- nephew will be picking up my husband’s Xbox later this morning and will set up all the exact same avatars in his Xbox so it appears to be husband’s... Only without the zillions of hours of saved Skyrim garbage and whatever other silly saved game shit is apparently very important.

He may not notice immediately, but he will notice and will care because I’ve seen him lose his shit when he thinks he’s lost something in there.


Silly men and their toys. I will show you fear in a handful of empty hard drives, husband.

And in five months? PAAAAANTYCAKE!

Further updates to follow as the situation unfolds.

ETA: Background in case you missed the first part.