Oh, it’s on. Like Donkey Kong, friends.

I got up in the night for water and noticed the Xbox controller on the floor by the couch, as if it had been thrown down in frustration.

So I unplugged the empty Xbox and plugged in the real Xbox and went back to bed.

Upon rising I asked husband if he’d left the controller there or if maybe one of the animals had knocked it down. He said it was him that left it there because he’d lost all his progress in all his games. WHAT? NO! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Of course he didn’t know, but gone. All gone. ARE YOU SURE? Yes, it’s all gone. FOR REAL? EVEN MY STUFF? All. of. it. OKAY, LET ME CHECK REAL QUICK BEFORE YOU LEAVE BABE. No point. It’s all gone.

*Beep beep bloop as he’s walking out the door.*

IS THIS WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR? How did you get to that!? I DON’T KNOW, BUT THERE’S SKYRIM STUFF HERE. Well at least it’s not gone. I’ll find it when I get back . Gotta go!


But it won’t be there when he gets back because I switched the machines... again.

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