So it's not that Adam Carolla doesn't think women are funny (P.S. Adam Carolla doesn't think women are funny). It's that America might not be ready for a woman to be funny late at night(sexist vampire demographic?). Except for Ellen, because she's the exception (probably for bigoted reasons).

He did a HuffPost Live chat today:



""To me it's not so much about women or men, it's sort of who do you want to see at night," Carolla told host Alyona Minkovski.

He added that he's not sure how audiences would react to a change in the image they're used to — "a guy standing there in a suit telling monologue jokes."

"I don't know if it would be confusing if it's a woman standing there telling monologue jokes," he said. "We're just used to certain genders in certain roles.""


Ummmm, I know it's fun to ask an asshole what he thinks, and wait for his response, because that = page clicks... So I am making it worse... But I don't see why anybody should give a fuck what Carolla has to say about anything relating to entertainment and comedy. Hasn't he failed enough in both of these arenas to disqualify his opinion about either?

If I walked into a hair salon/Dr.'s office/ yoga studio/bakery for an expert opinion, and the only expert I came into contact with was somebody who had frequently failed at doing hair/surgery/downward dog/wedding cakes, I would not title them as an expert, and I'd promptly take my business elsewhere. In other words, does anybody actually believe that Adam Carolla knows what America thinks is funny? If he does, then he should stop doing the opposite of that.


But let's pretend his opinion mattered.

1) I hate when bigots are too cowardly to state their opinions, so they mask their bigotry as concern for the conservative thinking/prejudiced American's demands. I don't think America is ready for (blank), is just another way of saying that the majority of people in America agree with me that (blank) is not what we want to see. If America is confused because their late night host is not in the male form they had ordered, I suspect that their confusion will dissipate when they are laughing because the funny non-male on the screen made a funny.


2) When we curtail the quality of a product to suit the needs of ignorant consumers, the product suffers. You end up making shitty shitty programs like "Too Late with Adam Carolla".

I can't go on about this forever, because I have an eyebrow appointment (It's almost to the point of affecting my vision). Let me just end on this: Fuck you, you froggy voiced bastard.