I went Christmas shopping today* and on the way around realised that most of you 'orrible lot probably haven't been to York (England) - which is a shame because I really like it. So I took a few pics for you all.

*found all-but-one presents, and only got one thing for myself. A book from my favourite bookshop, one of those that has rooms in various dimensions of time and space, and where getting past someone is like a twisted game of Tetris.

Speaking of twisted, I never know whether these buildings started off straight?

One of my little hidey holes is this church and churchyard, exterior pics didn't really come out but here's a stained glass window from 1470/-71

...and the compulsory stone coffins.

Random bits of history all over the place:

And a bloody big church generally agreed to have been founded in the 7th Century (also note the blue sky!). This particular version of the building was completed in 1472.

On a smaller scale, there are ginnels / passageways all over the bloody place, often said to be haunted. This one runs from Grape Lane (neé "Grope C*nt Lane"), past the Barley Hall. Mind your head!

There's that big ol' church again...

Edit: I couldn't get a picture myself, but the Cat Gallery made me think of GT, as did the cat shoes. And the llama/alpaca shop.