So, we have no school today, due to the -40+ wind chills. I just got a call from the district office that there will also be no school tomorrow. I'm watching my friend's 2 kids in addition to my own 4, plus there's at least 2 more kids here, hanging out with the TeenChild. So, I have 8 kids in my house right now. Tomorrow will be just as wild.

Because of the cold, neither of our (shitty, shitty) trucks would start, so Husband had to try to find a ride to work. Naturally, he starts at 1pm, so no one could pick him up. So he went around knocking on doors until he found a neighbour who helped him jump his truck. Meanwhile, he's all stressed, so I get yelled at when I suggest that he call and tell work he's going to be late. Because he can't be late. head scratch I'd at least let them know that he's going to be late and tell them to take it up with Mother Nature if they don't like it, but whatever.

I made mac n cheese and hot dogs for the whole circus (gf kids got 2 hotdogs instead of m&c). I don't have any chips, pretzels, snacks, etc, because I was supposed to go to the store today. I'm even out of regular bread and corn tortillas. So I told the kids I'd make something, but for once, I have no inspiration for baking. I don't know what to bake! I'll probably just throw together a quick cake. I have frozen blueberries, and was considering muffins, but, eh.

So, there you have it. My day. Lol. 2 more hours, and then relative peace.