1. Dress alterations finished? NOPE. Nordstrom Michigan Avenue called me 3 weeks ago to tell me my alterations were pretty much done but would need to meet with a seamstress to look at it in case there was a final tweak that needed made. Yesterday was their first available appointment with my seamstress. She failed to make 4 of 5 alterations that we discussed last time. The top is still too big and hangs down almost to my nipples. The bra cups were not sewn in. My sash / belt thing was supposed to be taken off of the ribbon and put onto my dress, not done. The top was supposed to be tacked at a fabric overlay between the boobs so that the fabric of the left boob wouldn't roll down like it was... also not done. I am getting married in a week and don't trust that it'll be done now. The bra cup insertion is outstanding from the very first fitting in the beginning of March.

2. Kippot arrived? (Yarmulkes) Nope. Israeli postal workers' strike + 2 Israeli national holidays means they haven't even shipped yet and the seller didn't notify my fiancé. So that order is cancelled and I think my MIL might buy some and bring them.

3. MIL followed the guidelines for her toast? Nope. She wrote 2 toasts for the wedding night. TWO TOASTS JUST FOR HER. She is still married to my FIL but refuses to share toast time with him, so now we either have to add a toast - taking it up to 6 toasts - or he can't toast his son at his wedding. We both spoke with her today to emphasize that she only gets one toast and it needs to be a reasonable length, but we already told her that, so I'm sure she will just do whatever she wants.


4. Favors arrived? Yes!!! finally something went right.

I now have to go do a bunch of research for a brief. WOOOOooooo!