Monday is coming! Surrender your comfy pants and put up 'yer dukes. It's (nearly) time to fight the weekday fight!

For a bunch of folks who complained about not doing anything this weekend, you sure were busy. Here are some highlights:

The PC Police have a bad time at the movies. BRIMSG cries schendenfreude!

Mental illness strikes our old pal Hugo, again. Kirov shares the details.

FuckItFriday is my favorite day. Er ... sorry, BRIMSG. IT'S MY FAVORITE DAY.

I was a jerk to FluterDude. In other news: the sky is blue.

ThereIsNoFluffy had a rough weekend with the gentlemen. Here are the highlights.

The Alcohol Wars were started. Choose your side! I have dibs on Whosits. If booze isn't your style, there's also the new Saturday motivational thread. Pants are optional.

Share to help! ... unless you're FB friends with CoffeJitters.

GroupThink at its best - crowd-sourcing food supplies for FreeSampleThief.

Don't mess with GroupThink's coffee! HelloMyLover may cut you.

Worth it for the gif alone. What was it about, again, Couchplanted?

Oh, the Horror! PrincessFluffyButt needs some skeering.

The prodigal trout returns (from a wedding). He is not digging vegetarian potlucks.

Idiots on Twitter. ImaginaryFriend tweets the good fight.

I don't know how Medusa Asudem does it, but she always has the best weekend adventures. (Note to Medusa: You can't change your handle - I just learned to spell this one!)

This approach to domestic disputes only works if your spouse is on GroupThink, KCCunning.

CrossFit enthusiasts plague LadyRainicorn.

I'm not a feminist but ... Smilla might feminist shank you.

Dating advice gets a little steamy with OpeningUp. (We know it's really you, Burt!)