I am planning a weekend get away to NYC for the end of Feb. We will be staying near Chelsea or Harlem/Morningside Heights area. Final resting place TBD. Instead of the usual hotels, we are going to try airbnb. I’ve done this many times (with great success) for countryside getaways. Never in a city so we shall see.....

It is just a long weekend so not too much time. Anyone who is cooler than me have a recommendation for a non-Broadway show that is fun?

The tentative plan is:

  • Arrive friday: eat, drink, chill
  • Saturday: Moma? something else TBD, eat/drink
  • Sunday: Brunch? Show or plan B
  • Monday: breakfast, afternoon departure

Suggestions? I need a getaway. I enjoy NYC when it’s cold as fuck because I’m sick like that. We often do a combo celebration of my Jan. b-day, my wife’s b-day (2 days from valentines day), and valentine’s day so we’ve done Feb NYC trips a few times.



Work is driving me bonkers so I need the stress relief of planning a trip.