I am finally seeing some results from efforts to be more fit, but it’s weird. Could be an age thing. No weight loss which is fine. I am much stronger, but sometimes in weird unexpected places. My forearms feel and look much stronger even though my upper arms are still kind of flabby (Def. an age thing) I have no idea how this happened, but I realized my arms look totally different.. My ankles are stronger and thinner looking ( they were never chubby and who knew ankles changed). My shoulders feel way stronger and I am stronger. I always thought upper body strength was arms, but stronger shoulders is how I am able to do some rock climbing now when I couldn’t before. Anyway, my goal was to be strong not sculpted. I always thought that strong led to the kind of bodies you see in those magazine spreads that show workouts. Turns out it looks totally different. I guess that’s not too suprising.