Seems as if everyone went on overdrive due to Groupthink pulling a disappearing act this weekend. Y'all pulled a posting muscle for serious, yo. Time for a cool down (that comes crazy late because 5th grade graduations are exhausting, and parents Won't. Leave. Ever.)

Theme of the Day: Body Stuff

You have blackheads. I have blackheads. Swiftnot wants them gone.

Shoegal talks polish.

A topic that never goes out of style, Cassiebearrwar polls skin moisturizer.

Fingers crossed for a mini-Ivriniel!


BRIMSG makes the main page talking about beer. (Really, our favorite moustachionado shared a step in the right direction by Jim Norton on the not-dead Opie and Anthony.)

Toxic friends are toxic, Beyonceisthelastunicorn, are unhealthy friendships are tough predicaments.

Cassiebearrawr brings to our attention, Warrior Princess, a book about a Navy Seal who happens to be trans. Oorah, indeed. (You were main page robbed, gurrrl.)

Penabler is NOT sick about talking about the Red Wedding.

GRRM will be editing and contributing to an anthology about kick ass women, says Fightinginfishnets.

Shiny Red Robot, you ARE NOT a coward.

Kids are weird, proves Elenafisher2.0 and everyone else in the comments.

Ubertrout is uber famous here in the post that started it all, here in holy fuck glory, and here via Burtsie.

For those of you who were traumatized earlier by Sorciamacnasty, take a deep cleansing breath and DO NOT CLICK THIS.


It would be swell if at least one other person could step up to post Daily Dumps! It's easy, I promise! (Authorship privileges and snarky attitude a must.)