Servers went down in Tulsa, Creek and Rodgers county today. Entire help desk was a madhouse, with calls back 6 deep at one point. I was banging out calls, writing up tickets and being generally awesome is that word? Person who makes decisions, and is basically an awesome guy...oh yeah

But you want to know the best part. When the guy sitting next to me was yammering about his trip to Ireland while there were calls in queue, causing one of them to drop. Why is that bad, you may be asking? Let me explain.


I work for the University of Oklahoma. We have contracts through the Center of Public Management for various state agencies. One of the terms of our contract is that we will hit a specific Service Level Agreement ( SLA) metric. I don't know the exact number, but basically we can't have more than a certain percentage of abandons based on our total calls for the day. Now you're going to have a drop or two, that's unavoidable. Some people just won't wait. But when we're slammed and everyone is working their tails off and one guy is sitting around just chatting away, it makes me feel like this...