Do you guys have rituals or props that you turn to when you are feeling glum or life is a bit too hard? This is my comfort toolkit:

Comfort read: Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes. Ok, it's a story about drug addiction, but it is also very funny and otherwise just generally lovely. I read it about once a year, usually when I am feeling too tired to read something I don't already almost know by heart. I still laugh at the funny bits and cry at the sad bits even though I know they are coming.

Comfort blog: The Harridan (, aka Jodi, is a New Zealander living in London in a two-bedroom apartment with 5 sons, a husband and a large dog. And yet somehow she manages to buy beautiful shoes at sample sales. The Harridan is where I turn when I'm at my wits' end with my kids. She has an amazing sense of fun and will take all of her children on big adventures like digging for artefacts in the Thames even though it must mean an alarming amount of filthy laundry - honestly I don't know where she finds the energy - but unlike the Pinterest perfection one finds in a lot of blogs (which just depresses me) Jodi is deliciously human. Her kids do embarrassing or naughty things and she accidentally swears at them or ends up crying in public and it's ok. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, Jodi only posts about once a month, which is not nearly enough to match the frequency of my parental meltdowns!


Comfort drink: Church Road Pinot Gris. Almost none of you guys can buy it, but it's on my list, so there.

Comfort wear: pyjamas and my Peter Alexander hooded dressing gown. I have told anyone who will listen that when I'm dead if I end up in a coffin wearing a dress and (worst of all) a bra, I will come back and haunt them. Pyjamas are perfect.

Comfort food: Whittaker's Dark Ghana 70% cocoa solids chocolate (again, you can't get it, but that is your own fault for not living in New Zealand)


Comfort movie: this is a hard one so here are two: Heathers - which I once watched 7 times in a row when I was extremely ill as a teenager and didn't have the energy to change the video (watch, stop, rewind, click, click-a-click, cliiiiiiick - remember that sound they make when they get to the end?, watch again) and Stranger than Fiction, which has Will Ferrel in it, but is not a Will Ferrel movie, if you know what I mean.

And I don't know what category it goes under, but: You guys. I seek and find comfort in GT several times a day most days. You are both a serious impediment to my productivity and a great source of support and love and entertainment.

So! What are your comfort go tos?