Look, I'm from Omaha. I love Omaha. I get a little annoyed with people when they try to sell Omaha as some kind of hidden mecca for artists and hipsters, because let's be honest, it's still 90% Midwest people who really love football. But anyway. The writing in their paper, The Omaha World Herald, isn't exactly Pulitzer Prize winning shit, but it's what we've got.

However, I seriously have no idea how this piece of shit got past an editor:


It's one of the grossest, weirdest articles I've ever read in a legitimate newspaper. A man was shot after an altercation in the parking lot of a club, and yet almost the entire article is made of detailed, fetishized descriptions of women in body paint. You can seriously almost hear the author masturbating at his computer while writing this, and it's an article about how someone died. A man is dead, and you think it's even remotely salient to mention that people thought the girl was painted as a zebra and not a white tiger? Not at all disrespectful or disgusting to describe women's bodies in detail and essentially blame body paint for someone's death? Give me a fucking break, Todd Cooper.