I’ve discovered that as I’ve gotten older it is harder and harder to sleep in on weekends. Even if I have a rough night (like Halloween during which I drank several-um, maybe 7-glasses of prosecco and walked God knows how many miles back and forth down a parade route), I always wake up at about 7:30am without fail.

I used to be all:

When someone would try to wake me up before noon on weekends. But now my adult work week hours have permeated my sleep schedule all the way to Saturday and Sunday.


I was actually irritated with my friend when I visited her because she wouldn’t get up until 9am. She does not have this ‘problem’ of waking up early every day.

Anyway, aside from any medical issues that would cause weird sleeping patterns (insomnia, sleep apnea, sleepwalking, night terrors, whatever else) do you guys find that you can’t sleep in anymore as an adult?