So I posted about what, for me, has been important reflection on the way my community, specifically my religious community, growing up, enabled and perpetuated racism. Not the violent, cursing kind, but the more subtle othering that's easy not to notice for a young person in a privileged demographic. My post used a specific story the intent of which was to illustrate how fucked "invisible" racism is. This was interpreted by multiple commenters in a way I had not considered or intended, i.e., yet another white perspective on something experienced by people of color. And that's the post that got main-paged, the first one, which is not that well-written and obviously not very well-thought-out since I failed to consider the experience of being a person of color reading a white person's account of past fucked-up perspectives on a person of color whose perspective is not also included in the account.

Also, I missed this "skinny white tears at yoga" xojane thing today, and clearly the timing could not have been worse. I felt that the only right thing to do was to edit the post removing the content and explaining that I'm going with the assertions that the post was insensitive and hurtful to others. Certainly, I wish an anecdote/introspection like that could be brought up and discussed without causing hurt or harm.

The battle against ignorance is humbling. Blergh to the max.