Which Game Show is King?; Or, The Real Madness of March

It's March Madness season again! But basketball is for squares and jocks, so let's do a tournament of game shows instead! You may notice, if you expand the bracket above, that we have a 64-team bracket, but only 48 teams! That's because the selection process for the tournament was as follows:

1. Look up "List of American game shows" on Wikipedia."

2. Look through list, say to self, "Yeah, I watched that one a lot," and include it.


3. There is no step 3.

So I'm going to throw one region to you, the voters. The sixteen shows that get the most mentions in the comments, e-mail, and Twitter will be plugged in and voted on for Day Four! Today we start with the STACKED Midwest Region, where #1 overall seed Jeopardy! has to go through Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!, Double Dare, Family Feud, Let's Make a Deal, and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? to get to the Final Four. Without further ado, let's get to voting!



1. Jeopardy!
1964-75, 1978-79, 1984-present
Hosts: Art Fleming (1964-75, 1978-79), Alex Trebek (1984-present)


16. High-Five Challenge
Host: Wayne Faligowski

8. Deal or No Deal
Host: Howie Mandel


9. Hollywood Squares
1966-81, 1983-84, 1986-89, 1998-2004
Hosts: Peter Marshall (1966-81), Jon Bauman (1983-84), John Davidson (1986-89), Tom Bergeron (1998-2004)

5. Let's Make a Deal
1963-77, 1980-81, 1984-86, 1990-91, 2003, 2009-present
Hosts: Monty Hall (1963-77, 1980-81, 1984-86, 1990-91), Bob Hilton (1990), Billy Bush (2003), Wayne Brady (2009-present)


12. Truth or Consequences
1954-75, 1977-78, 1987-88
Hosts: Jack Bailey (1954-56), Bob Barker (1956-75), Bob Hilton (1977-78), Larry Anderson (1987-88)

4. Family Feud
1976-85, 1988-95, 1999-present
Hosts: Richard Dawson (1976-85, 1994-95), Ray Combs (1988-94), Louie Anderson (1999-2002), Richard Karn (2002-06), John O'Hurley (2006-10), Steve Harvey (2010-present)


13. Russian Roulette
Host: Mark L. Walberg

6. Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?
Host: Greg Lee


11. The $64,000 Question
Host: Hal March

3. Double Dare
1986-92, 2000
Hosts: Marc Summers (1986-92), Jason Harris (2000)


14. You Bet Your Life
Host: Groucho Marx

7. The Weakest Link
Hosts: Anne Robinson (2001-02), George Gray (2002-03)


10. The Challenge (Real World/Road Rules Challenge)
Host: T.J. Lavin

2. Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!
Host: Peter Sagal


15. To Tell the Truth
1956-68, 1969-78, 1980-81, 1990-91, 2000-01)
Hosts: Bud Collyer (1956-68), Garry Moore (1969-77), Joe Garagiola (1977-78), Robin Ward (1980-81), Gordon Elliott (1990), Lynn Swann (1990-91), Alex Trebek (1991), John O'Hurley (2000-01)

And remember, let me know what I missed!