"She was lying to me and she said she loved me and she is cheating me."

He added: "I choose I prefer to kill my girlfriend and then kill myself. I love you and I can't be without you."

Arsema Dawit was 15 year old when was killed by her 21 year old boyfriend in the lift of a block of flats in South London, he stabbed her 60 times because he had found out she had cheated on him.

He saw her as his property not a person and when he might lose her he decided if he couldn't have her no one could.


The man suffered serious brain damage in a suicide attempt so never stood trial, instead he was sentenced to an indefinite hospital order.

It's so hard to constantly read these stories of young men and boys killing girls because they don't want them to belong to anyone but themselves. What can we do to teach boys that girls and women are people not objects? How can we begin to foster empathy in our society? Because reading about crimes after crime committed by people who don't see others are worthy of kindness and care is starting to kill my sense of humanity.