So the boyfriend and I just watched a Justice League movie called "War". It's based on a comic series which reboots how the Justice League got together. I am not comic book girl so I can only speak as an outsider who watches the animated movies and enjoys them with her boyfriend.

So Wonder Woman got a costume update, little more modern in my opinion in terms of style which I liked. Ample bosom but no cleavage, so progress? No pants though just boots and hot pants. Really wouldn't leggings be a more practical crime-fighting outfit. They even have another character complain that she's dressed like a whore. So is the movie for or against revealing costumes?


So the movie starts everyone is an established superhero person, Green Lantern has his ring, Batman is fighting baddies in Gotham, and WW is meeting the President for a meeting. There's a gaggle of protesters outside the White House and WW uses her lasso of truth on the lead protester who admits to dressing up as WW because its empowering. They all have a chuckle at the man who finds comfort wearing woman's clothes and continue on their way.

WW then meets a little girl who likes her and there's a nice moment where she says she wants to be WW when she grows up. The little girl introduces WW to ice cream and WW has the most over-the-top exuberance over trying ice cream. She's brandishing her sword around and talking about how awesome ice cream is. Really. They don't explain whether WW just got to our world or if she's hopelessly naive.

Later WW and Superman meet and of course they have flirty time, making eyes at each other. While giant robots are attacking and Superman is trying to safely land Air Force One. I will say WW does establish herself as leader to take out the bad guy and is the mastermind, but really she and Superman have to be all flirty?


Overall a decent movie if you like the animated Justice League movies. However I do not have hope for a live-action Wonder Woman movie being done well. Movie studios please prove me wrong. I'm really rooting for Wonder Woman.