It took me forever to get the room set up. A friend of mine is a carpenter and offered to exchange lessons with someone in his family for a workbench. We discussed it and I gave him the dimensions; he built the workbench I needed (not what I pictured in my head); I expected a w/b that I could sit at and work to my hearts content but that would never have worked because there was not enough room for a place to sit. He saw the dimensions and built a w/b that I can stand at and the space is so much more useful.

The surface was unfinished so I went up the street to a place that works with sheet metal, gave them the dimensions + a one inch 90 deg fold down in front and 12 inch 90 deg fold up in back. It fit perfectly. For some reason it has been set up for a couple weeks and I just walked by it. Last night I made 4 beads (one self-destructed because I accidentally mixed some scientific glass in with my soda glass and the different coefficients of expansion shattered it). Tonight I made a couple more beads and separated some of my tiny pieces that I use for inclusions into sort of sizes/colors.

Anyway - yay, I have beads. Also, when I was picking up the sheet metal I noticed that they have sheets of copper so I might see if they can build some different shaped containers in copper to run along the back-splash.

This is the bench showing the back-splash, the minor torch, and some glass.

This is the bench with tools and stuff - you can see why I want someplace to get as much off the surface as I can. I should be able to hang some copper containers from that top edge - do you think copper would be too much?