There’s someone in another department who I had to talk to today because he made a huge mistake on a client-facing document. He’s the type of person who never wants to learn anything because he already thinks he knows the best way to do it, which is enough of a pain to handle (especially when he’s been here for 6 months and tries to argue with people who’ve been doing the job for years). But today when I addressed this new mistake, he got really defensive and said “The whole process is ridiculous. Why should I be the one who has to handle that job anyway?”


Me: Because it’s literally part of your job description and responsibilities?

Him: It shouldn’t be! I spend 50% of my time on those, and it makes way more sense for (another department) to handle it.


Good job convincing me that half your job is unnecessary, new guy!

Do you ever hear coworkers complain about things that just make you want to roll your eyes?