Just a small one.

Please don't mainpage, not that I think this is mainpage worthy. I just see a decent amount of wedding venting on here, wanted to chime in.


So my great, great aunt needs full-time care. She had a stroke about 10 years ago and, while she's still completely with it, she's confined to a wheelchair, lost the use of 3 of her 4 limbs. She has employed a care aid, who, we found out about 4 years ago, had EMBEZZLED 40 THOUSAND DOLLARS from my aunt. Swiped credit card statements to hide charges, created new credit cards, the whole 9 yards.

When it was discovered, my great aunt actually forgave her and has worked out a deal where the caregiver will continue to work for my great aunt (!!) to slowly work off her debt.*

This may largely be because my aunt is a... doozy of a personality, and I don't think she could find anyone else to do this job. But she keeps yammering on about how the Christian thing to do is forgive her, blah blah blah. This coming from a woman who left the United Church because they would allow gay folk to get married and has since fallen in hard with some hardcore hateful church.


So, my great aunt just called to find out if she could bring the caregiver to the wedding. This despite the fact that we'd already worked out a whole plan to get her there and get her home without me having to see this awful awful caregiver at my wedding. Because this caregiver makes me so mad I could spit, and I don't want to deal with that on my wedding day.

My response, verbatim, was "uuhhhh... I think you should call my mom." Because I'm adverse to confrontation with this woman - as I've said, doozy of a personality.

But my face while on the phone? This:

I mean, the BALLS on this caregiver, because it honestly sounds like she suggested my aunt try and override the solution we came up with.

I can't start drinking yet, can I? I still have a session with a student this afternoon. Fuck.

*Also, as a post script, I am having a really hard time with the fact that no charges were ever formally brought in this situation, which means that after my aunt passes, this evil evil woman will not pop on a criminal record check to go work for another vulnerable senior. Ooooh, but that's the Christian thing to do apparently!