Why would this be a heartwarming story of one good thing, just one goddamned good thing to come out of Moore, Oklahoma when it's clearly actually about your superior intellect and lack of belief in a higher power? http://gawker.com/oklahoma-torna…

Fucking internet, I hate you. How many of those motherfuckers were just waiting to post their first "Ha, look what your 'GOD' did, rube!" comment? Many. And they're all dicks. Every one. No one gives a flying fuck how smart you think you are because (like every other semi-educated person in a metropolis under the age of 30) you've eschewed the religious comfort of your upbringing. No one fucking cares.


Just watch the damned video, cry like a normal fucking human being and stfu unless you'd like to point out that one goddamned good thing happened in Moore, OK, yesterday.