All you have to do is leave your crappy job, friends, family, to move somewhere in the US where the cost of living is REALLY cheap. There’s no advice given on how to move cheaply across the country, so you might be on your own there. And then, find a new job in your affordable new town and an apartment (and probably a roommate) that is within walking/biking/public transport distance. You’ll need to find an apartment that costs $600/month INCLUDING all utilities, or the eq. cost split with your new roommie. And make sure that your apartment is also walking/biking/public transport distance to fresh groceries, because you’re buying non-perishables in bulk (so easy to do on a minimum wage paycheck and w/o a car), and buying lots of fresh in-season veggies to cook from scratch! Oh yeah, and you need a high-deductible health insurance plan, but make sure you don’t get sick because otherwise you’re in deep shit.

Seriously, WORST advice I have EVER read in my life.