Since last week's post seemed to cheer people up, I thought I'd make this a weekly thing. After all, it did inspire this amazing conversation about masturbation imagery in song lyrics, as well as providing the capstone image for Petticoat Despot's great post on body image.

And so, I present to you without further ado, MORE random things from the internet that made me laugh:

First up, we have an assortment of pugs:

Executive pug is my new very favorite thing on the internet right now.

Next up, we have some puns:

We'll conclude this week's Pick-Me-Up with a random internet potpourri:

And that's all for this week's edition of Your Monday Pick-Me-Up! Tune in next week for more random crap from the intertubes! Post yours in the comments!


Disclaimer: I do not make any claim that this stuff is new or real. I just saw it on the internet this week and each one made me laugh out loud. That is the only criterion.