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Welcome To The Bitchery

1 life fear: conquered

I have a lot of medical phobias. In the past year, I’ve been forced to get over a lot of them. I used to cry when I had to get blood drawn because I just couldn’t deal with anticipating the needle. Getting it done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for like 6 months pretty much cured that right up. I even got a voluntary flu shot this year. I am finally doing some of the things that when I was a kid, I assumed I would grow out of fearing once I was an adult. But one step at a time.

As a person with a whole lot of moles, I’ve been dreading the day I would inevitably have to have one sliced off since I was old enough to know that was a thing that happens. Today was that day, and it was TOTALLY FINE. Teeny tiny needle was like nothing, it made me totally numb, and it was shallow enough to just stick a bandaid on it.


My next test of bravery: getting an IUD. (I was going to get my tubes tied but bla bla long story I’m getting paragard now.) I think I’m gonna need a xanax for that one.

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