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Breaking Bad -- a Marathon

So I finally got bullied into watching this thing. And now it's like crack. Well. Really, I guess, more like Meth. Whatever. I'm nearly caught up to 1st part of Season 5. Jesse just ate the greenbeans. So try not to be all spoilery in the comments. That said, there's a few spoilers below, so be warned.


I have a question for those of you who like/watch the show: Are we SUPPOSED to loathe Skyler White? I honestly cannot figure it out. I've read the arguments that are all, "If you hate her, you hate women," but that is not it. I dislike her passive aggressive tactics and her shrillness. I mean, her big move is to leave, like, always. Or fake a suicide attempt...? Or just to stop talking?

I do like the way she smokes, though. Again, though, I bet it's to passive aggressively kill Walt faster with cancer. JUST GET OUT OF THAT CRAZY MAN'S BED, SKYLER.

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