Has anyone else had their Facebook newsfeed dominated lately by these 10 Things You Don't Know About Me posts? I usually think those kinds of posts aren't very interesting considering I actually do know all 116 of my Facebook friends in real life. But here, where myself and several others have recently been extended posting privileges, I thought it might be a fun way to get to know each other. So here are 10 things I sort of enjoy about being me, and hopefully others will chime in with 10 (or 2 or 1, whatever) reasons why they are equally too cool for school. (I know these could get long, but I'm kinda curious.)

1. I was born dead. The cord was wrapped around my neck, my face was blue, and I had no pulse. Obviously they revived me. I like to think this means I can one day make my living a la Oda Mae Brown.

2. When I met John Doe from X, he told me I was pretty and asked if he could have his picture taken with me.

3. My dad grew up next door to DeForest Kelly's brother and knew him fairly well. Since I get half my DNA from my dad, that means my DNA has hung out with an original Star Trek cast member.

4. I dislike cheese.

5. I drink PBR because I actually like it.

6. I taught myself to read and write in Russian, but I can't speak it.

7. My musical tastes tend toward rockabilly and punk and blues, but I really do love Katy Perry and Pink.


8. I can recite several scenes from Gone With the Wind.

9. I love comic books; sci-fi; Buffy, Supernatural, and the like; costumes; rock and roll; and many other things that are considered juvenile, but I don't see one good reason they can't fit into an adult lifestyle.


10. I have owned a cat nearly every single day of my life.

Tag! You're it!