1. Your gifs, which I still envy cause it's hard to do from my phone.

2. Your OKCupid stories. Boy am I glad I am old and did my dating before the internet really got going!

3. Your support. It is so nice to see people be nice to each other. My first real internet participation was on Yahoo Answers. Down with the thumbs down! That does nobody any good.

4. Your efforts to be intersectional and decent.

5. Your cool internet lingo. I want MOAR. I want to read ALL the things! Because reasons.

6. Your intelligence and thoughtfulness

7. Your state of well-informedness-having

8. Your tolerance of experimental syntax, aka bad grammar

9. You are from all over the place! Perspectives, baby!

10. You gave me posting privileges. That was so nice of you. It made me feel all warm and cozy inside.

11. Your snark. That's 11 things. I can has calculator?