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10 things only type 1 diabetics will understand

I cannot express enough how much I love this list. It's all true, especially for those of us still stuck in the past with our pens and syringes! Number 5 is the best.

I'd say type 1 diabetes is pretty well understood in North America, but when I was growing up in the 90s in Bulgaria, there was very little awareness of it. I remember going to a benefit of some sort for type 1 diabetes. I was very small and the only child at the event, and there was nothing for me to drink, because all the beverages had sugar in them!


It was very hard, at times, feeling like a burden or an outcast because my dietary restrictions always had to be accommodated. I know my mother was doing her best, but I always hated having my own sugar-free (and not very good) cake brought from home for friends' birthday parties. Coca Cola Light just wasn't a thing in Bulgaria at the time either. One of my father's colleagues once brought me a 6-pack of it from a business trip abroad and my mom kept it under lock and key for me for special occasions like birthdays or trips to McDonald's (they had just started opening the first ones in Bulgaria in the mid 90s and it was a big deal to go).

Anyways, things improved a lot after we immigrated and as I learned to manage my diabetes by myself. Going to a summer camp for children with type 1 diabetes for a couple of summers was a godsend and literally one of the best things to ever happen to me.

So, anyone else here a type 1? I know I interviewed someone for the GT interviews who had it. What would you add to the list?

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