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Everyone else thinks he’s a sweet little angel, but he’s really a demon.

How Cosmo is a butthead

1. He destroys all his toys within minutes of getting them

2. He chews holes in his bed and blankets

3. He’s a thief who steals all my hair elastics, napkins, and chapsticks

5. He paws at me and will punch me when I have something he wants, or I’m not giving him enough attention


6. He randomly drops toys on my face when I’m lying down

7. If he doesn’t want to go outside, he will run around like a little loon and try to make me catch him

8. He tries to drink from the toilet

9. He lays right in the middle of my bed and forces me to the edge

10. He randomly jumps up and licks me right in the mouth

Bonus: If he is dead asleep on the bed with me and I move even a tiny bit, he will jump up and give me a death glare.


And yet, despite all his buttheadedness, I love him to bits.

Tell me, how are your pets buttheads? Bonus points for pictures of your pets!


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