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101 Level Course: Sexism and Racism Edition

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Firstly, congratulations are in order: the person who redirected you here does not believe you are a troll. They do, however, believe you don't know what the hell you are talking about. Kindly follow these links and do not return until you have absorbed the contents herein. These links are not meant to be an all-inclusive primer on antiracism and/or feminism, however they should be enough to start your journey towards productive conversation.


Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Have a nice day.

Derailing for Dummies (Please read this first, as it most likely deals exactly with why you are here)


Re: White Privilege

Re: Male Privilege

Re: White Female Privilege

Re: Reverse Cultural Appropriation

Re: Reverse Racism

Re: Intersectionality (geek feminism wiki is a great resource overall)

Re: Being a good Ally (aka our 102 level course)

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