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Completely nauseating and yet somehow not surprising. Here's the story (and, needless to say, trigger warnings abound):

An 11-year-old reported being raped twice, wound up with a conviction

For those suffering from TL;DR-itis, the short version is that the young woman was abused as a baby and adopted by older relatives, who seem to have meant well but to have been unequipped to deal with a child with her challenges. When she was 11 she was raped by multiple men in two separate incidents. She was inconsistent in reporting the details of the second rape, so the police charged her with making a false statement. She plead guilty because, she says, she didn't really understand her options.


Oh, and also the police said her "parents are unable to accept the fact of this child's promiscuous behavior caused this situation." Of course no charges were filed against any of the alleged rapists.

I'm bleakly disgusted by this.

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