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TW, sexual assault.

A young victim is recovering in a Ft. Worth hospital after found, sexually assaulted, stabbed and left for dead near a lake on a freezing day in a rural area of western Texas, about an hour and a half outside of Ft.Worth.


And according to this story, it may've been prevented, if Eastland police officers had followed up on the reported molestation of two other girls.

The mother said, "The initial police officer who took our case had did his job, he got all the evidence together, we even, in fact, told them where they could locate this person." But after the investigative work was done, she and her husband were led to believe a case was being made against Fought and charges would be coming. She said, "Our case had not even been filed. It had been sitting on a desk for the last 8 months, and nothing had been done."


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