12 Awful Horror Movies on Netflix

...that I've seen so far.

**slight spoilers**

In no particular order of crappiness:


3 people make a stop at an ATM and things turn for the worse. There's a serial killer on the loose. The 3 people are trapped in the ATM and are basically fucked because if they leave they risk being slaughtered, but if they stay they are gonna be slaughtered so...You know those moments in serial killer movies where you see plenty of opportunities to escape but these people just won't listen to you yell at the screen? There's that. The ending was disappointing and yeah. There aren't much thrills or anything here. Skip this one.

1/5 because silly White folks.

2. Leprechaun

Ok I know this is an old one and a little leprechaun roaming around scaring people is creepy, but this is just a funny movie in general. What starts out a tiny bit creepy and promising, just ends up being a comedy. Maybe it's the script, maybe it's this little crazy leprechaun running around trying to kill people, maybe it's the cheesy ass lines the leprechaun spouts at Jennifer Aniston and her crew. I don't know. But this is definitely enjoyable so by all means, watch it when you're bored.


3/5 'cause it's a good time.

3. Buried Alive

While the killer in the movie is certainly scary looking, the fact that someone goes missing here and the college kids keep going on with there shenanigans instead of looking for the missing person is interesting. Sure they see the person, but they don't actually check on them (because they are douchey entitled brats basically). 2 of the people are related and find out their great-grandfather (or maybe it's their grandpa, at this point I don't remember) was a total asshole to a Native American lady and well, it comes back to bite them in the ass. The script is corny, the actors are kinda bad, and the ending was just not good.


2/5 for shitty acting and shitty characters in general.

4. Children of the Corn

This one gets credit because the premise is creepy, but it's just too corny of a script for me to take seriously. It is interesting to watch though.


2/5 because the creepy ass kids are creepy.

5. Apartment 1303

I couldn't get through this movie so keep that in mind. I couldn't get through the awful acting by Mischa Barton. Sorry.


1/5 for making me sit through Mischa Barton's terrible acting.

6. Lizzie

Something about Lizzie Borden. Confusing scenes, bad direction, bad script, just bad. Don't do it.


1/5 for making me question my sanity.

7. The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

Ok first of all let me say that the name of this movie makes no sense at all. Hmm is it in Connecticut or in Georgia? As far as I know, those are 2 different states. Yes a title that makes no sense bothers me. I watched this anyway and there were just no scares for me. The ending was drawn out and I stopped caring.


2/5. 1 point for eye candy Chad Michael Murray and 1 point for effort.

8. Absentia

The artwork (design? I'm forgetting my words here) that Netflix provides makes it seem as if some scary shit is going to happen. Now, I understand this may be a frightening movie to some people, but the most it did was make me question what could happen to people when they are wandering about in creepy places. This felt more like it could have been a thriller maybe, but the scares just weren't there for me. The plot was kinda bland and dragged throughout the whole movie, the acting was kinda crappy (especially by the cops), and it was just so drawn out for me. Oh and I finished watching it about an hour ago just so I could make sure it was as bad as I thought. It was.


2/5 because they tried.

9. An American Ghost Story

Sigh—- I should have known better with this one from the start, but I was bored and cooking at the time so there you go. Acting is hilarious and the dialogue is so corny and forced. The plot seemed ok enough but the ghost was not scary. If you're gonna scare me with a ghost, then make the ghost something I can be afraid of. The main character is an annoying writer who doesn't let shit go.


1/5 for crappy acting, pretentious writer, and doofy ass ghost.

10. Home Sweet Home

Ugh- slow within the first 30 minutes. I started watching this months ago and barely finished it a few weeks ago, I think. The only good thing about this movie is the ending because there's a bit of a twist, but you already see that coming a mile away with about 30 some minutes left of the movie. Very slow and frustrating movie.


2/5 because the ending was pretty decent.

11. 12/12/12

Oh God. I figured this one wasn't gonna be a great one, but this was terrible. It was basically a comedy. It's one of those movies that just has no logic and the acting is silly. Oh and the last 30 minutes are slightly creepy, but just more disappointing than anything else. I'm actually rooting for the demon baby because everyone in this movie is stupid.


1/5 for bad acting, stupid characters, awful demon baby, and the last 30 minutes of awkwardness.

12. Sharknado

Sharks are flying in the air and killing people. What more do you need to know? It's like when you watch Mob Wives, Real Housewives, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: you know it's awful, but why the hell not?


2/5 because sharks are flying, duh.

Don't worry, there will be more awful movies for me to quickly review!