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Saw this on Refinery29 and thought I'd share: they asked a dozen women how many sexual partners they've had and ended up talking to women who have slept with between zero and 47 people (men and women!) about how they feel about that number.

There is this notion in society that the lower the number, the more classy the woman. I don't consider myself to have slept with very many men but I also completely disagree with that notion. Women have sex for various reasons, good and bad: lack of confidence, need to feel in control, because they mistake it for love, for stress relief, or out of strong desire and lust. Ultimately, however, we all have sex with each other to feel. Sex is natural and beautiful; it allows you to feel from the inside out.


It's interesting to see the variety of reactions—there's pride, shame, and indifference from women all along the spectrum. I also think it's interesting to approach the topic from the perspective of "this shouldn't matter—but it matters to some people, so let's talk about it". Because the reality is that even if maybe we shouldn't care about our how many people we have or haven't slept with, a lot of us do. Or maybe "care" isn't necessarily the right word, but a lot of us do think about it.

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