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Nuggets of wisdom from my father person.

While some men are capable of dressing nicely and pulling it off, most end up looking like sissies. Seattle is full of sissies.

Obama will not only steal your individuality, he will replace it with government. And kiss your guns bye bye, folks.

Ugly women should not get tattoos. No one wants to look at them in the first place and drawing attention with tats makes it worse.


He saw a Chinese woman at the mall once and her legs were actually yellow. This completely blew his mind.

Women walking down a dark street late at night are obviously hookers. If you deny this factual fact, you are naive (like me).

That woman we drove by? Her legs go all the way up to her ass. Damn. To her ASS.

Random reminder that I am noticeably not white. (This one actually made me happy.)


My poor baby kitty io has been hiding in the closet since Friday. My big kitty Mallow wants all the snuggles from my dad. Little traitor.

I have been gritting my teeth since Friday, but scattered throughout the ludicrous statements my dad makes were moments in which I genuinely enjoyed seeing him again. He is impossible to be around and has caused so much strife in my and my family's lives, but damn. The dude is getting old. And I can tell that he genuinely loves us.


And he is a lot better than he used to be.

....But I am so fucking glad he's leaving tomorrow!!!

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