ArsTechnica expands on some recent news, reporting that textbook publishers have responded to the Texas Schoolboard's suggested changes to textbooks.

Textbook publishers have largely ignored the suggestions made by reviewers appointed by the Texas State School Board.


We got in touch with the Texas Freedom Network's Dan Quinn, and he told Ars that the publishers did make some changes in response to the complaints, but did so in a way that didn't dilute the science.


"The publishers are clearly aware of the ideological motivations behind some of the required curriculum standards and the anti-evolution objections raised by reviewers," Quinn told Ars.

The Ars article includes some specific examples of how changes were made.

HuffPo explains how this will impact school purchasing decisions:

In November, the Texas Board of Education will decide which books it will recommend for schools to use. It's not clear how the failure to include creationism will impact the recommended list. However, even if specific textbooks are not recommended, school districts will still have the option of using them.


The Texas Freedom Network adds "most school districts will buy their textbooks from the state board’s list", but since the publishers responded with minimal changes across the board, then that approved list of books will still leave creationists unhappy.

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