The night of homecoming at Ohio University, photos/video were taken of a man appearing to be giving head to a woman outside a Chase Bank in Athens, OH. Reports indicated that after the incident, the woman filed a rape complaint with police. The Instagram and Twitter accounts that posted the photos have since been deleted, but inexplicably, Gawker published them with the story (BUT DON'T WORRY, THERE ARE BLACK BARS PROTECTING PRIVACY, GUISE).

I get innocent until proven guilty, but that doesn't automatically mean the woman is a lying slut, which is exactly where so many people went with this.

You apparently should feel lucky to be eaten out. That's not rape, that's a favor! She looked "into it." She didn't push him away. This was shit I read in the comments on GAWKER, where you can't see her face. It can't be rape, because she posed for pictures with him later.


While "innocent until proven guilty" is being upheld by the good people of the Internet for the man, this lying slut made a FALSE ALLEGATION, is TOTES GUILTY, and must therefore be harassed and threatened.

But, oops. The Internet misidentified the woman, and now Rachel Cassidy, an OU student who has been confirmed by police NOT to have been the woman in the pictures, has been doxxed. (This was not tweeted by the group Anon we all know and are terrified of, but an even grosser account, but I don't think that matters a bit!)


Rachel will have this associated with her for the rest of her life. The Internet doesn't go away.

This scares the shit out of me.