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Secret Admirer update

I cheated and called the flower shop that delivered the bouquet. I didn't want to fly blind! Plus, I was pretty sure it was between one of two creeps and I needed to know if it was either one of them so I could avoid the situation entirely.

Turns out, it was a completely different, unexpected townie creep! He's a Nice Guy, and we've hung out on occasion when we both happen to be at a bar, but I have zero romantic interest. (Plus my roommate said he can get a little drunken touchy-feely)


But now I'm torn about whether or not to show up! As I said, the concert is for a band I would really enjoy seeing. The wingwoman I employed to help me in this situation is excited to hang out and see them. I kind of feel like I should go and just let him down easy to further dissuade any random acts of devotion, but I don't want to be stuck with him all night.

So, votes! Go or No?

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