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You guys!

Holy shit and other expletives I can't even think of. I can't keep up with the grays.

ETA: Okay, I kind of lost it with her. I'm out. It has ceased to amuse me.

Should you need a giggle, I am being lectured by a college student on the relative morality of childbearing. So far, I have discovered that if you at one time were impoverished, you are forever unable to feed children, that there is no way that you could conceive and not have periods, that I wouldn't be tired if I wasn't a mom, or alternately that I wouldn't be tired if I were a wealthy mom, that you shouldn't have kids if you are poor but it's okay to have kids if you might become so through accident, and that I am possibly homeless. At this point I just want to see what else she comes up with!


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