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Welcome To The Bitchery

15 pages of animal gifs, and my mood may be improving

I defended my dissertation last week. I passed, but it’s not effective until I make some edits and those get approved (not Dr. Woodle yet). All of this has to be done by friday for me to be able to graduate. I sent my edited parts to the relevant parties over the weekend, and got edits and comments back this am. They made me just feel like giving up.

So, I read some comments, then stopped and cried. Read some more, cried some more. This went on for a while. Despite feeling like total crap, I can’t give up. So, I looked at 15 pages of funny animal gifs. That is helping.


Tell me stories about times when you wanted to give up - when it seemed too hard — or when you thought you were inadequate for the challenge, but you persevered and it all turned out AMAZINGLY!

Thank you in advance.

ETA: between animal gifs and crying, I did the edits and sent it off. In a year, I won’t remember any of this - I’ll just remember how great it feels to get this all done!!! Thank you, everyone!

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