I have been taking screencaps of duoLingo over the past few months, and now that we’re starting over again with the duoLingo leaderboard, I think it’s a good time to share some of my favorites.

I spent about an hour on Buzzfeed last night, so we’re going to do this Buzzfeed Style.

(1) Because of these epic children.

(2) Because I wonder what would happen if I did touch the onion?

(4) Because at least somebody is still reading the NYT.


(5) Because this zombie is very polite.

(6) Because this girl is me at a party.


(7) Because DuoLingo is not gender normative.

(8) Because yeah, cats will do that.


(9) Because I like to imagine this person’s mother standing outside on their porch refusing to come in.

(10) Because writing a book means you’re basically Johnny Cash.


(11) RUDE.

When I was doing this one, my fiance shouted from the other room “No es verdad!”


(12) Because there have been some lesbian couples as well. :)

(13) Because this is obviously a healthy lesson to teach children.


(14) Because this man will be safe in his cabin. I hope.

(15) Because this woman isn’t actually sure.


That’s it for now! If you like this post, I might do another one after a couple of weeks.