Today suhhhiance and i got to taste cupcakes for our wedding. It was awesome!

So we went to The Cute Little Cake Shop, with my parents. My mom made the appointment, i wasn't totally excited about where it was/ i thought the name of the shop sounded dumb.


We walked in, there was a tiny little table with four seats set up with a reserved note on it for us. We waited for the woman we were meeting with, i think she might have been the owner.. i wasn't paying a whole lot of attention. I didn't really feel like talking much either, i'm so so sick of talking about the wedding plans. It just stresses me out how much we still have to do. I'm almost to the point of telling my mom to make the rest of the wedding decisions because i'm frickin mentally exhausted from making them.

So the lady came out with a little cake stand with four cupcakes. There was chocolate covered pretzel with chocolate icing, dark chocolate chip with chocolate cream cheese icing, vanilla with colored vanilla icing and a peanut butter ganache one.

They were all pretty great. Of course no food-related outing goes without feeling fat-shamed though. My dad said something insensitive about me not needing another bite. Ugh

We settled on 100 cupcakes- 50 will be groom's cupcakes, the chocolate covered pretzel ones, brides cupcakes- strawberry champagne with mint-colored vanilla cream cheese icing and pink edible 'glitter'


I'm pretty excited though! This was the first time suhhhiance really made a decision about the wedding- his cupcake choice. He always lets me get my way but i want him to have stuff at the wedding that he actually wants (he says whatever i want is what he wants lol)

Plus my parents surprised us and told us they got a photobooth for our wedding!!!! It costs literally as much as my dress so we didn't think we'd be able to get it at all and they booked it for us. They're pretty awesome sometimes


Wedding stuff is cool i'm looking forward to the actual wedding day/afterwards so i can stop being a big ball of stress.

ETA: The picture is from inside the shop, it was cute like it's name said