I work at a game store. Because it is not the holidays, I work there about once a week, and since it's my second job, I'm using it to save for convention trips. The same convention two of my managers are going to. That game convention. (This is only slightly relevant).

Because I only work there once a week, sometimes things get switched around on me. It happens. But I do know the store, after only being there since October, well enough to help someone who is training find stuff while I'm dealing with other customers. This is for a bit of context.

Well, besides the young men who cannot ask me for assistance, or talk DIRECTLY OVER ME to my male co-workers, in situations where I obviously work there, you have the blatantly sexist assholes.


Now, I have had smaller things that irritate me happen - one guy, I asked two different times if he needed help on the floor. Then, he stood where the line is for about a half an hour. I was behind the register at this point. I asked three or four different times if he was ready. He kept saying no. As soon as my male coworker asked, he jumped, pulling a card out of his pocket. He was obviously deliberately avoiding me.

Then, there was the day I was doing line management, obviously I worked there - if the name tag wasn't obvious enough. I was gesturing broadly and talking loudly to be heard over the other noises. A guy looks almost through me, and asks my coworker behind me "YO BRO, what's this game like?" Now, I do not claim to have played every game ever. I usually defer to my co-workers for things like first person shooters (the perspective messes me up). But I had played this game, a fighting game, which is not my usual genre. I LOVED this game. I could have gushed about it to him. I could have explained similar games, and DLC that was/is/will be available. No, he looked through me. And to my male co-worker.

But the thing that really got me. Besides being told to smile while I'm at the register during the holiday season. No, I ignored that one. This one... The male customer, with his girlfriend asked for something we don't get asked for, like, ever. I did not know where it was. I looked in the place I thought it might be. I did not find it, I deferred to my manager, who was male, and has worked at the store for years. He found it. I thanked him and said some silly banter things, you know, like you do in retail when you had to ask for help.

The customer? "Well, girls only work [here] when they're desperate, so it's not like you would know."


First, I felt like punching him in the face. I'm surprised I also didn't freeze, like sometimes happens. My response was, "I love video games and play them all the time, actually, but I'm only here one day a week, so I don't always know where everything is."

Then, he has the gall, in front of his girlfriend to say, "Oh, haha, I should dump her and get you!"


I ignored him, icily as I could manage, and my manager finished his transaction.

I'm sorry for the wall of text. But. I love my coworkers. I enjoy the majority of the time there. But that was too. much.


ETA: I forgot to add a gif of how I feel.