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My friend invited me to go to a taping with her and I was just happy to get the free chips and juice they doled out. But then: OMG! Everyone gets a copy of someone I don't know's book! OMG! It's Kevin Bacon! OMG! It's famed underwear model and my future husband Alex Minsky! OMGWTFOMG Whoopie just gave us a camera and a google-phone and headphones and a speaker and an infrared phone de-germer and nifty gadget to organize it all!!!! I had to take off my sweater and fan myself, you guys.

Also, everyone tooootally hates Jenny McCarthy. During the commercial break she made a really inappropriate joke about Sherri Shepard's son and got the side-eye of the year from Sherri and the most impressive eye-roll from Barbara.


I'm still in a daze, everyone. If you have a free morning and live in an area where it's possible I highly recommend going to a free TV show taping. It's totally worth it (in my case almost $800 of worth it).

ETA: Barbara Walters' vibrator's name is "selfie." Also the episode airs Monday if anyone's interested.

ETA ETA: Here's what was said about Jeffrey:

Sherri was telling a story about her son (who is maybe 10, tops) who is in the studio because he had a snow day. Apparently he has a crush on Jenny McCarthy and blew past his mom in order to hug her. Sherri was laughing about how Jenny is his Valentine, how he thinks they'll get married, etc. and then Jenny comes out of her face and says "you never know, once he turns 18 I might go after him!"


Aaaand crickets

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