So I just picked up some comics today because I got paid on the third and finally had time to go downtown to pick up my comics. And Ms. Marvel has started! (Looking forward to picking up She-Hulk once my shop gets it, but I digress).

Anyway, the new Ms. Marvel is looking good. You should all check it out. They actually do things like portray as ignorant people who try to whitesplain to Muslim women about the headscarf, and the art is really good. I think we'll have enough to really gauge a trajectory once the second issue comes out because right now it's a little fuzzy because origin story (Kamala writes Avengers fanfic and idolizes Captain Marvel, and wants to be her, but with the old "politically incorrect" costume with the wedge heels).

As for Mighty Avengers. That is a great comic. Really enjoying it and the focus it gives to melanin-abundant superheroes (and She-Hulk - she's made a couple appearances recently). It's smart writing and very funny (I love the little jokes they put in every major character's first appearance in the issue - e.g. "Luke Cage: Power Man Classic").

And they did something I wasn't expecting recently. Monica Rambeau and She-Hulk were helping Power Man train when someone [I will fill in when I can get to the book and remember who] compliments Monica on her hair. She says her daughter is a huge fan who idolizes Monica in every way. So she thanks Monica for the fact that her daughter will finally let her relax her hair, because nobody will take her seriously with her natural hair. And Monica's face response to this is pitch perfect disgust, bewilderment, and not knowing what to say all rolled into one. I was not expecting Marvel to touch on black hair, but here they did and they did it fairly well.

If you aren't reading either of these, you should.