Does anybody have weird things that they like, and even while they are liking them, they are wondering why?

That's how I feel about tote bags. Why do I like them? They are cheap freebies I associate most with NPR and PBS, both of which are awesome but also so dorky, kind of like Obama in Dad jeans.


They give out super ugly ones at academic conferences and then everyone carries them around everywhere, so it is impossible not to associate them with your strangest, most socially awkward professors (what, just my field?) seeming even more strange and socially awkward when taken out of the context of the ivory tower and set free in the wild.

They are not even that useful. They're flimsy and they don't usually have inner pockets or zippers. And yet I have so many of them and I love getting them, even though I don't really use them for much. Tonight I saw someone carrying this one on the subway and I was gripped by an irrational need to have it:

What about you all? What strange tastes do you have that baffle even you?

ETA: hah, the way this format on the front page it looks like it's about Obama. I guess Obama liking those pants and me liking Obama in those pants fall into this category too.